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New Listings This Week!

Here are some new listings that just hit the market in the nearby area! Feel free to take a look at this link that will take you directly to a user-friendly report that you can view on desktop or your mobile device. If you’d like to get more information about these properties, feel free to contact me! Disclaimer: these are not my listings.

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Home Maintenance

Do it yourself and home renovation tools

Here are some tips to give show TLC to your home whether you are looking to keep up the maintenance in your home or you’re planning on selling, or simply you’re looking for suggestions. Here are some!

  • Check the sealant in your deck. You want to make sure it’s running properly.
  • Do any touch ups on interior or exterior paint
  • Make sure HVAC is doing it’s job & in order
  • Clean gutters
  • Clean the garbage disposal
  • Clean your dryer vent
  • Check on smoke detectors
  •  Do a deep cleaning/declutter
  • Work on curb appeal

This or That?

Hello everyone! I love doing these because there are so many different styles you can go with in regards to choosing your home décor. I remember when I was little, I always inclined towards more modern touches & that’s how my future house would be. But, now that I am older I choose the farmhouse décor any day! Now it’s your turn, this or that?

Credits: Farmhouse Hub
Credits: Farmhouse Hub
Credits: Behance
Credits: Behance


Idea for a Small Laundry Room

If you’re like me, you don’t like clutter whatsoever. So when it comes to decorating small spaces, it’s a bit tough finding the best pieces that won’t make the room look even smaller! I stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest (Credits to Quiet Woods Creations | Custom Signs & Home Décor). Look at how satisfying the small cabinet in between the washer & dryer is! This is such a great idea to fill up the gap in between. The color, the wood, the plants, everything just makes this room look amazing! I love it.

This or That?

Beige Minimalistic Reminder Quote Instagram Post

Front Door Décor! I love looking at Pinterest pins & seeing other people’s creativity. There are so many fun ideas to choose from when it comes to decorating your front door. I personally love to keep colors classic and neutral but I also love some pop of color. I love houses that have such simple décor on the front door with modern farmhouse vibes. At least that’s what I am into now. I also appreciate those who aren’t afraid to paint their front door a fun color. What would you go with?


First picture credits to: Kristen from Lifestyle, Home Decor, & Teacher Stuff Blog

Second picture credits to: Kelsey Hargens on Pinterest