Home Maintenance

Do it yourself and home renovation tools

Here are some tips to give show TLC to your home whether you are looking to keep up the maintenance in your home or you’re planning on selling, or simply you’re looking for suggestions. Here are some!

  • Check the sealant in your deck. You want to make sure it’s running properly.
  • Do any touch ups on interior or exterior paint
  • Make sure HVAC is doing it’s job & in order
  • Clean gutters
  • Clean the garbage disposal
  • Clean your dryer vent
  • Check on smoke detectors
  •  Do a deep cleaning/declutter
  • Work on curb appeal

This or That?

Hello everyone! I love doing these because there are so many different styles you can go with in regards to choosing your home décor. I remember when I was little, I always inclined towards more modern touches & that’s how my future house would be. But, now that I am older I choose the farmhouse décor any day! Now it’s your turn, this or that?

Credits: Farmhouse Hub
Credits: Farmhouse Hub
Credits: Behance
Credits: Behance



Hello world!

I want to first thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my site! I am a Realtor in the Johnson County area and I love to service my community! Even though I am not an Iowa Native, I like to say this is my community as I have lived here a little over 10 years now and it has been by far my favorite place to reside in. There’s no other county to call home than a place where there is a bunch of corn fields, where we have some really cold winters, delicious Casey’s pizza, and the annual Iowa State Fair just about an hour and a half away! No seriously, this is the best place to call home!

We have a friendly and supporting community that prides itself in having diversity and cultures. I am a strong supporter of the annual Iowa City Latino Festival. I originally started out performing in it, as I participated in a Traditional Mexican Folkloric Dance group called, “Corazon Latino”. It was so much fun! We always received so much love from our community that would stop by and visit. We also always have delicious authentic food! If you haven’t been, you should mark it on your calendar this summer!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading it. I’d love to connect with you and I could keep talking about how this is a great place to live! It would be an honor to find a space for you to call home. Give me a call, let’s chat! Have a great day!